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The Piper Arrow

With a standard useful load of 960 pounds and seating for six, the Matrix lets you take what you want, while traveling with those you want.  

              Six Seat, Cabin-Class               

              McCauley 2-blade constant speed

              137 ktas, maximum cruise speed

              880 nm, maximum range

              960 lbs, standard useful load

M600 max range

The Piper Arrow is the only complex single-engine trainer aircraft built today. With familiar controls and handling characteristics as other Piper trainers, it provides an easy transition for students moving up to a complex aircraft. It also impresses with its 200 hp Lycoming engine that propels it off runways and cruises at speeds up to 137 ktas.

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Piper Arrow Quick Facts


Garmin G500 TXi Avionics Suite






Lycoming IO-360-C1C6


Maximum Cruise Speed

137 ktas


Range with 45 Min. Reserve

880 nm


Takeoff Distance  Ovr 50’ Obstacle

1,600 ft


Landing Distance Ovr 50’ Obstacle

1,520 ft


Standard Equipped Weight

1,798 lbs


Standard Useful Load

960 lbs


Usable Fuel Capacity

72 US gal



Wing Span 35.5 ft

Length 24.8 ft

Height 7.9 ft

Convenience comes standard in the Arrow. 

Matrix Video
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