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The Piper M600

Unprecedented range, uncompromised performance and signature safety define the M600. 

              Six Seat, Cabin-Class               

              Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A, 600 shp

              274 ktas, maximum cruise speed

              1,484 nm, maximum range

              2,400 lbs, standard useful load

M600 max range

The single-engine Piper M600 is more of what you want in luxury, performance and value. 

Operators call it the best value in its class. The new clean-sheet wing is at the heart of the changes to the Piper M600 providing slick aerodynamics that help you go farther, faster without leaving anything or anyone behind. 

About the Piper M600

M600 Quick Facts


Garmin G3000 with Autopilot and Synthetic Vision



Premier Elegance Leather, 4 color options



Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42, 600 shp


Maximum Cruise Speed

260 ktas


Endurance Range with 45 Min. Reserve

1,484 nm


Maximum Approved Altitude

30,000 ft


Takeoff Distance, Over 50 ft Obstacle

2,635 ft


Landing Distance, Over 50 ft Obstacle

2,659 ft



6,000 lbs


Standard Equipped Weight

3,650 lbs


Standard Useful Load

2,400 lbs


Usable Fuel Capacity

260 US gal



Wing Span: 43.2 ft

Length: 29.8 ft

Height: 11.4 ft

Beauty and brains - jet set without the jet.

M600 Video
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