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HondaJet Elite

Power, efficiency, and superior design.

M600 max range

              Six Seat, Cabin-Class               

              Over-The-Wing Engine Mount

              422 ktas, maximum cruise speed

              1,223 nm, maximum range

              66 cubic ft, baggage space

M600 max range

The HondaJet Elite S sets the standard for the world’s most advanced light jet as the farthest, highest, and fastest flying aircraft in its class.

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It's time to exceed your expectations.

TBM 930 Video

Sales Team

If you are interested in purchasing an aircraft or have more questions, please contact a member of our sales team.


Chris Siberz

Cell: 630-253-7475

Chris spent over 5 years in industrial sales prior to joining DMFS. As an active pilot with over 3,000 hours, he holds a private & multi-instrument rating, and is type-rated in the HondaJet.


John Textor

Cell: 515-778-4173

John was named Piper Aircraft’s Worldwide Salesman of the Year in 2012 & 2015. He is a private pilot holding a multi-instrument rating with over 1,700 hours and is type-rated in the HondaJet.

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